To the Best of Our Knowledge, July 2014

“[What starts me writing a story] is not an idea—what is the ether of space?—it’s an image related to that idea. So it’s an image of, in this case, these gigantic, whirling machines made of iron that Sir Oliver Lodge used… It’s jellyfish pulsing in the ocean, and a line drawing of a gigantic jellyfish from the 1870s. That image leads me into the idea, and those two things together lead me to the characters in a story.”

The Story Prize Reading and Awards, March 2014

“One of the things [the stories in Archangel] seemed to to me to have in common was that sense [of] the great passion and love we can have for a theory that will turn out to be completely wrong – we can’t know that when we’re working on something, we love a wrong theory the way we love a right theory; it’s history that makes that judgment. But the people who have spent their whole life working so hard on something that turned out not to turn out well, that’s a difficult path.”

Studio 360, November 2013

“That idea of – what is evidence, how much evidence or data do you need to convince someone of a politically difficult or emotionally difficult position, that’s what really fascinates me, and I think that’s what drove some of the stories in [Archangel].”